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The National China Company began in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1899.  In 1910, the firm sold its East Liverpool facilities to the Harker Pottery Company, and purchased the Dresden China Company in Salineville, Ohio. 
National China operated successfully in Salineville for over 15 years, manufacturing dinner, toilet and hotel wares.

The late 1920s and early 1930s saw a rapid decline in the American pottery industry.  The Depression, foreign competition, and the development of new products such as pyrex and plastic all contributed to this downfall.

Many companies joined together in an attempted to revitalize the industry.  In 1929, National China became one of eight firms to consolidate and form the American Chinaware Corporation.  The merger included other potteries such as Knowles, Taylor & Knowles, the Carrollton China Company, and the Pope Gosser China Company. 

The new firm was short lived, and the American Chinaware Corporation filed for bankruptcy after only a few years.  On November 15, 1932, the company ceased operations

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